Sue Weston - 2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year !
Congratulations to Murrumbidgee Magic chorister Sue Weston on being awarded
2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year.


Sue lives in Henty, a rural town which lies some 65 kilometres from Wagga Wagga and is a Nurse Manager with Wagga Community Health. Despite her demanding career, many hours of travel each week and family commitments, Sue rarely misses a rehearsal and always has a smile and friendly word for each chorus member. Her positivity and encouragement of others, contributes greatly to the tone of the chorus and she works hard to welcome and nurture any new members to our group.
Sue has undertaken a number of roles within Murrumbidgee Magic over the past nine years, including:

  • Member of the Management Team
  • Chorus Convention Liaison
  • New Members Program Co-ordinator
  • Convention booklet co-ordinator
  • Assisting with development of marketing material

Over the years Sue has attended a number of regional workshops, which further stimulated her appetite for developing a greater knowledge of music theory. To this end Sue has set herself personal challenges and now attends music and singing lessons in addition to the chorus. Sue has also been a dual chorus member with Bathurst Panorama Chorus, competing with them in Perth in 2012.
Sue is currently putting her talents and expertise to good use as a member of Project Constitution Oz Team established by Region 34 Regional Management Team, to address the conflicts and confusion that have developed within our choruses with respect to SAI By Laws, SAI Standing Rules and the Incorporation requirements of our State Legislative Bodies.

Sweet Adeline of the Year Award – Criteria 

“The ideal candidate for this award: 

*  Serves her chorus and region to the best of her ability without thought of personal gain, but solely for the love of the organisation

*  May hold an elected position or other high profile

*  Displays many or all of the following traits at chorus level


Proudly exemplifies the best of Sweet Adelines!


*  Has excellent attendance records at rehearsals, performances, fund raising and other chorus activities

*  Willingly takes on responsibilities and generously donates her skills when required

*  Can be depended upon to carry through tasks/projects to completion

*  Shows keen interest in chorus affairs, respecting and supporting decisions made by chorus Management Team/Board or Music Staff

*  Believes in the importance of her personal marketing responsibility to present her chorus, the region and Sweet Adelines International in the best positive way to the general public”

Sue is a valued and vital member of the Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus. Congratulations Sue!