Curriculum is often invisible and students maybe unaware that the teacher has a curriculum to follow from which the teaching program or plan is developed. Even those students learning “just for fun” will only have fun if they can play and improve their playing and reading, or composing and improvising. To be learn to play requires a teaching plan or program and this comes from the curriculum. Check out the website for  interesting information about curriculum.


FROM Benefits of Good Curriculum : Glenwoods Sept 9 2006

Good curriculum provides:

·      Consistentcy and accountability

·      Continuity

·      Stresses personal application, participation

·      Scope and sequence of learning through different levels

·      Allows for  a broad range of learning styles and personality types

·      Offers teacher guidance, study materials, resources and strategies that are clear relevant and engaging

·      Steers students toward attainment and completion of goals- with realistic benchmarks