Join us at the RCM on Tuesday 10th February at 7:30 PM to meet with the RCM Director, Heads of Department and members of the RCM Curriculum Council. This evening will provide you with an opportunity to ask your questions about music education at the RCM. The evening will provide opportunities to:

• Meet the Heads of Department

• Discuss RCM teaching programs and RCM curriculum

• Talk about the range of programs offered for:

  • New and younger students
  • HSC music students and gap year students
  • Students wishing to pursue tertiary music study
  • Ensembles, bands, choirs and ‘Jam Sessions’
  • Music Craft and musicianship classes
  • Recitals and concerts for student performances
  • AMEB options for students

If you are interested in attending this evening please RSVP Friday 6th February via email to RCM Admin or call us on 6925 3522