Wayne has been playing drums since he was in his late teens and brings a vast wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the RCM Team.

 Whilst living in Sydney Wayne was an early member of the signed band Ha Ha Humans. He was also a member of Signal Room, recording two CDs produced by Aria Award winning producer Tim Whitton (Powderfinger) touring Los Angeles and New York. Wayne participated in the development and performance of ‘David Bowie – Life on Mars’ and toured nationally with The Rocky Horror Show starring Reg Livermore, Cabaret with Gina Riley, Tommy and Bad Boy Johnny and The Profits of Doom. Wayne toured China, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong with Kix Entertainment performing corporate music stageshows for Fosters, Heineken, Kodak and Coca Cola. Wayne was a member of the Company B Belvoir Street Theatre production of The Threepenny Opera working alongside Bob Bertles (master saxophonist), the show toured Columbia as part of the Bogata International Theatre Festival. He worked with Kris Abrahams (The Necks) recording a soundtrack to Farscape (US/Aust telemovies and TV series).

Wayne also recorded an original CD with Edot alongside fellow RCM tutor Klauss Bussman and plays locally in Wagga with Klaus as part of The KB3. Wayne performs locally as part of Ifinc, producing live performance-art pieces including Big River, The Bull and The Bridge.

Wayne is a professional actor with over 50 theatre credits working with The Sydney Theatre Company, Playbox Theatre, Nimrod, Bevoir Street and The State Theatre South Australia. Wayne has worked extensively in Australian Television appearing in Water Rats, Fire, All Saints, A Country Practice, Home and Away, Underbelly, Stingers and has appeared in movies filmed in the UK, Malaysia, Hawaii including Heatstroke, Return to Blue Lagoon, Farewell to the King, The First Kangaroo, Mission Impossible and American productions including Farscape, The Lost World and Lost.