The purpose of the RCM's Life Membership program is to recognise a significant and/or long-term commitment to the development and success of the Riverina Conservatorium of Music and its vision to provide music education and performance in the Riverina area. 

BENEFITS OF Life Membership

  • Free access to Concert Series concerts (plus 1) – for the life of the recipient

  • Name on the RCM's Life Membership Honour Board

  • Receipt of award

  • Inclusion of name and citation on website, and other media

REASONS TO GRANT Life Membership

  • A person who has demonstrated a long-term and/or significant commitment to the organisation and its success.

  • This person may be a volunteer or person otherwise involved with the Riverina Conservatorium of Music not currently holding a paid or honorary position, i.e. member of the Board, current employee.

GUIDELINES for nominating a person for life membership

  • Any community, Board or staff member can make a nomination.

  • Nominations must be made on the online form below, or a printed version downloaded from this page (printed copies are also available from the RCM Office).

  • Individuals may not nominate themselves.

  • This is a one-time award to a living person.

  • Following the inaugural conferral year, up to one award may be given in a year (at the Board’s discretion).

  • At Board discretion, no award may be made in any year.

  • Activities for which the award is to be made must be ‘over and above’ work that any person has been remunerated for in the course of their employment. The nomination should explore the role and impact that the nominee has had upon the RCM, and where appropriate, upon music education and performance across the region and beyond.

  • Unsuccessful nominees will not be disclosed

  • In the event there are many nominations, nominations may be held over to the following or subsequent years (i.e. no requirement to resubmit).

  • The Board reserves the right to rescind any previously awarded Membership

Please complete the online form below to nominate a person for Life Membership of the RCM. Nominations will be received until 31 August 2019.

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Full Name of Nominee
Nominations are confidential and must not be discussed with the nominee.
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Please describe against the guidelines above why this person should be considered for Life Membership of the RCM?
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