The Riverina Conservatorium of Music Music Education Curriculum

The RCM Curriculum ensures that RCM Staff provide quality music education and performance which is accessible to all.


The RCM Curriculum Is a group of related courses and tasks, that provides outcomes, goals and objectives  for each level of music study. The curriculum is designed for music learning for any age and stage of student. It is designed to enable students tr reach their potential and structured to reward, participation, and progress, and builds the student’s onfidence and  motivation.


Curriculum Structure:

Stage One: Elementary     Levels 1-5

Stage Two: Intermediate   Levels 6-9

Stage Three: Advanced    Levels 10-12


There are FOUR KEY LEARNING AREAS for each instrument



Assessment : Technique, Aural, Theory

Concert Review

Elective Study

Curriculum is flexible and can be adapted and modified to suit the student. To find out more , talk to the Head of Department or Chair of Curriculum.