2018 Scholarship Winners Announced!


2018 Scholarship Winners Announced!






Brass:  Hannah Mison | Guitar Classical:  Abel Lawson  | Guitar Contemporary:  Ben Gillard  | Percussion/Drums:  Sinead Brassil  | Piano:  Phoebe Xeros  | Strings:  Pearl Bowen  | Vocal Contemporary:  Harry Mangelsdorf  | Vocal Classical:  Melinda Bowker  | Woodwind: Gabrielle Shaw



Guitar Classical:  Trang Nguyen  | Piano:  Jasmine Lewis  | Strings:  Rachel Roberts  | Vocal Contemporary:  Zoe Glanville  | Vocal Classical:  Emilio Donebus  | Woodwind:  Lily Stein



Brass:  Sharlette Bourke  | Guitar Classical (Advanced):  David Fletcher  | Guitar Classical (Intermediate):  Madelyn Davis  | Guitar Contemporary/Bass:  Eddie Merkel  | Percussion/Drums:  Ethan Rose  | Piano (Advanced):  William Li  | Piano (Intermediate):  Richa Tota  | Piano (Pat Kildey Award):  Banruo Zhu  | Strings (Advanced):  Megan Roberts  | Strings (Intermediate): Julia Chung  | Strings (Cello):  Amy Carmichael  | Vocal Contemporary (14 & under): Ivy Simpson  | Vocal Contemporary (15 & over):  Emily Ford  | Vocal Classical (17 & under): Lucy Clarke  | Vocal Classical (18 & over):  Katrina Younes  | Vocal (Letty Naismith Award):  Edward Prescott  | Woodwind (Advanced):  Grace Stein  | Woodwind (Intermediate):  Rachel Hall



Junior Composer 12years & Under:

Sujie Masson (1st)  | Zebadiah Xeros (2nd)  | Isabella Suttie (tied 3rd)  | Claudia Suttie (tied 3rd)

Junior Composer 13 to 15 Years:

Chloe Holgate (1st)  | Michael Nelson (2nd)

Junior Composer 16 years & Over:

Caitlyn Davis (1st)  | Emma Burkinshaw (2nd)

Junior Song Writer 12years & Under:

Shiloh Willersdorf

Senior Song Writer 16years & Over:

Caitlyn Davis


Special Thank You to our Sponsors:

Dr Ray King & family  | The O & G Centre of the Riverina  | Flynn Sprake Financial Planning  | Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society  | Cantilena Singers  | Wagga Wagga RSL  | Rotary Club Wagga Wagga  | George & Patricia Ceeley  | Rotary Club Wagga Wagga Murrumbidgee  | Jean Haste  | Peter Brown & Associates  | Leigh Ladd  | Robyn King & family  | Anne Guthrie  | Wagga Wagga South Lions Club  | Wollundry Singers  | Jill Chappelow  | Robyn Thurston  | Touchstone Pianos  | Malcolm & Helen Allen  | Anne Carr-Boyd  | Erin Burrows  | The Colin Wilkie Memorial



RCM Choral success at Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod


RCM Choral success at Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod

Congratulations to all Choral groups who participated in this years Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod.

A wonderful achievement for all members of RCM Choral groups: Murrumbidgee Magic, Cantilena Singers, RCM Minor Details Choir and La Chorale Francaise. Also special mention to RCM teacher Katherine Choi who conducted WWCC choirs to a successful eisteddfod.

Acapella Group -...
First Place Murrumbidgee Magic

Vocal Ensemble -
First Place RCM Minor Details Choir

Sacred Song -
First Place Wagga City Rugby Male Choir

Open Choir -
First Place Cantilena Singers
Second Place Murrumbidgee Magic

Highly Commended -
La Chorale Francaise Di Wagga Wagga
Wagga City Rugby Male Choir
RCM Minor Details Choir

WWCC Year 4 Choir
One First Place
Two Highly Commended

WWCC Senior Choir
First place



Riverina Conservatorium of Music awarded two Distinctions!

The Riverina Conservatorium of Music (RCM) has been honored by the Australian Music Examination Board NSW (AMEB) with achieving a Certificate of Distinction for being in the Top 5 of most Outstanding Studio or Music School in NSW from Preliminary to Grade 6 as well as Certificate of Distinction for being in the Top 5 of most Outstanding Studio or Music School in NSW from Grade 7 to Licentiate.

AMEB qualifications provide a national benchmark and measure of excellence. They are recognized across Australia and Internationally.

Each year students from the Riverina Conservatorium of Music participate in practical AMEB NSW exams. AMEB offers graded examinations for a range of musical instruments (including voice) covering classical, popular and contemporary styles and techniques.

It is through these examinations that the RCM has been recognised as one of the top 5 music institutions in NSW for 2015.

“We are extremely honored to have the quality of the RCM’s teaching recognised again by AMEB NSW” RCM Director Hamish Tait said.

The RCM has been very successful in achieving outstanding results with students participating in AMEB exams. We have for the past four years been awarded a certificate of distinction for high level results in the Preliminary to sixth grade category.

But now we have just been awarded the Distinction for outstanding results in both Preliminary to 6th and the advanced section 7th to Licentiate.

This is an extraordinary achievement and is directly related to the work being done by the RCM team. In particular, the results raise the RCM to recognition as a leading music teaching institution in Australia both metropolitan and regional."


Sue Weston - 2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year!


Sue Weston - 2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year!

Sue Weston - 2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year !
Congratulations to Murrumbidgee Magic chorister Sue Weston on being awarded
2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year.


Sue lives in Henty, a rural town which lies some 65 kilometres from Wagga Wagga and is a Nurse Manager with Wagga Community Health. Despite her demanding career, many hours of travel each week and family commitments, Sue rarely misses a rehearsal and always has a smile and friendly word for each chorus member. Her positivity and encouragement of others, contributes greatly to the tone of the chorus and she works hard to welcome and nurture any new members to our group.
Sue has undertaken a number of roles within Murrumbidgee Magic over the past nine years, including:

  • Member of the Management Team
  • Chorus Convention Liaison
  • New Members Program Co-ordinator
  • Convention booklet co-ordinator
  • Assisting with development of marketing material

Over the years Sue has attended a number of regional workshops, which further stimulated her appetite for developing a greater knowledge of music theory. To this end Sue has set herself personal challenges and now attends music and singing lessons in addition to the chorus. Sue has also been a dual chorus member with Bathurst Panorama Chorus, competing with them in Perth in 2012.
Sue is currently putting her talents and expertise to good use as a member of Project Constitution Oz Team established by Region 34 Regional Management Team, to address the conflicts and confusion that have developed within our choruses with respect to SAI By Laws, SAI Standing Rules and the Incorporation requirements of our State Legislative Bodies.

Sweet Adeline of the Year Award – Criteria 

“The ideal candidate for this award: 

*  Serves her chorus and region to the best of her ability without thought of personal gain, but solely for the love of the organisation

*  May hold an elected position or other high profile

*  Displays many or all of the following traits at chorus level


Proudly exemplifies the best of Sweet Adelines!


*  Has excellent attendance records at rehearsals, performances, fund raising and other chorus activities

*  Willingly takes on responsibilities and generously donates her skills when required

*  Can be depended upon to carry through tasks/projects to completion

*  Shows keen interest in chorus affairs, respecting and supporting decisions made by chorus Management Team/Board or Music Staff

*  Believes in the importance of her personal marketing responsibility to present her chorus, the region and Sweet Adelines International in the best positive way to the general public”

Sue is a valued and vital member of the Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus. Congratulations Sue!


2016 Scholarship Winners Announced!


2016 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The RCM wishes to congratulate all of the successful scholarship students for 2016.

Dr Ray King Scholarship for 2016:

Charis Guilfoyle - Recorder

Major Scholarship Winners:

  • Cecelia Steele - Over 25's Voice
  • Ella Bergmeier - Strings - Cello
  • Thomas Prescott - Brass - Trumpet
  • Lara Rayner - Senior Piano
  • Thomas Hartwig-Laing - Contemporary Guitar/Bass
  • Samantha Riordan - Senior Contemporary Vocal
  • Edward Prescott - Classical Vocal
  • Alex James - Classical Guitar 
  • Lachlan Fletcher - Woodwind - Clarinet
  • Sebastian Schutte - Percussion Drums

Directors Award for 2015-2016:

Samantha Riordan - Voice

Partial Scholarship Winners:


  • Jemima Xeros - Junior Piano
  • Ella Bergmeier - Junior Piano
  • Matthew Garvie - Senior Piano
  • Madelie Joubert - Senior Piano
  • Brodie Crick - Pat Kildey Award


  • Nikia Leighton-Popple - Junior Flute
  • Lily Stein - Junior Clarinet
  • Teresa Aloisi - Senior Flute


  • Camerona Angel - Trombone
  • Lachlan Raidal - Tuba


  • Isabelle Tidd - Junior Violin
  • Jemima Xeros - Junior Cello
  • Julia Chung - Junior Violin
  • Catriona Stevenson - Senior Violin
  • Phoebe Xeros - Senior Violin

Classical Guitar: 

  • Jed Toohey-Templeton - Junior Classical Guitar
  • Renee Selvey - Senior Classical Guitar

Over 25's:

  • Nicole Baxter - Vocal

Vocal - Contemporary:

  • Eve St John - Junior Contemporary Vocal
  • Ivy Simpson - Junior Contemporary Vocal
  • Alice Egan - Senior Contemporary Vocal

Vocal - Classical:

  • Emilio Donebus





RCM's Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus brings home a medal


RCM's Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus brings home a medal

RCM’s Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus brings home a medal

Riverina Conservatorium of Music’s Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus travelled to Hobart last week to participate in the annual Sweet Adelines’ Convention. Nineteen choruses, which included over 700 women from across Australia, came together for the women’s barbershop four part harmony competition. Murrumbidgee Magic, which had 24 singers on stage, came away with second place in the small chorus division. Judging for the competition is conducted by four judges who come from America, each specialising in one of four categories: sound, music, expression and showmanship. The chorus sang two songs, entertaining the full auditorium of competitors, showing how much enjoyment they get from performing. The chorus has been preparing for the competition for the last 12 months. This has included rehearsing every Wednesday night, participating in coaching sessions led by singing coaches from Australia and America, conducting community workshops and performing in various local events. This has culminated in the chorus being successful and being awarded the second place medal.

The next major performance for the chorus will be on Saturday, 29 August at the Wagga Civic Theatre. This will be a concert for Legacy and the chorus will be joined by other local performers and the Australian Army Band, Kapooka.





As part of an exciting new initiative, the Contemporary Vocal staff at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music is forming a Junior (ages 12 to 15) and a Senior (ages 16 to 18) group similar to ‘Glee’.

These groups will work with Heather Wall and Meredith Adams as well as a movement coach to learn contemporary songs which will be performed at a variety of recitals and concerts throughout the year, including ‘Something to Sing About 2015’ – a musical extravaganza at the Civic Theatre in September. Rehearsals will commence Term 1 2015.

This is an excellent opportunity for talented singers to work together and develop performance and movement skills. Participation in these groups is by audition. Please go to rivconmusic.org.au/connect for more information.

 Audition dates: Friday 28th November 2014 4pm to 6pm

                           Friday 5th December 2014 4pm to 6pm

Venue:                Riverina Conservatorium of Music rehearsal room, Hely Avenue, Wagga Wagga.

Please contact the Riverina Conservatorium of Music on 6925 3522 to arrange an audition time or go to rivconmusic.org.au/connect and complete the online form.



Thank You! A letter of thanks to the supporters of the RCM's 2015 Scholarship Program

Thank You! 
A letter of thanks to the supporters of the RCM's 2015 Scholarship Program

Dear Music Lovers and RCM Supporters, 

On behalf of the Board, Staff and Students of the Riverina Conservatorium of Music, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the many sponsors who have taken up the call to support music education in the Riverina.

On the 25th October 2014, 138 students and their families converged on the RCM's CSU South Campus facility from across the Riverina to audition for the 2015 scholarship program. Some of these students travelled from the far corners of the region to audition with students from Deniliquin, Young, Tumut, Walla Walla and Tumbarumba coming to the RCM to do their best!

The RCM's scholarships are an important tool in that they provide a major motivational goal for young students. For over thirty years the RCM has provided these scholarships to help build the capacity of Riverina music students and to rewards those students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment  in their musical studies over the past 12 months. Auditions were held across the RCM's facility and were adjudicated by a panel of highly regarded professional musicians including Graham Sattler from Orange, Grace and Esther Wong from Cootamundra, Tim Adkins from Albury and Vince King from Wagga Wagga.

At the conclusion of the auditions on Saturday night, the RCM awarded over $22,000 worth of Scholarships to Riverina Music students! It is with great pride that every cent of these Scholarships is sponsored by the people of the Riverina! 

I would also like to thank the RCM Staff and Board for their amazing work in making the day a great success.

Yours sincerely, 

Hamish Tait
CEO/ Director - Riverina Conservatorium of Music Ltd

For more information about the RCM's Scholarship Fund please contact the RCM Director on 6925 3522 or at htait@rivconmusic.org.au . All donations to the RCM Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

* Pictured: Charis Guifoyle 2014 Woodwind Major Scholarship holder. Photo © 2014 Riverina Conservatorium of Music 



RCM Vocal Department Scoops up at Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod

Congratulations to the teachers & students of the RCM Vocal Department for their wonderful achievements at The Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod held on September 3-6. RCM vocal students were awarded 25 First Places, 18 Second Places, 3 Third Places & 10 Highly Commended.

The RCM is also delighted to announce that the Riverina Songbirds, Senior Choir & Minor Detail ensembles are the Open & Youth Choral Champions! 3 RCM students also took out the 3 Vocal championships for Open, Junior & Senior Soloists! Congratulations to everyone involved!



Riverina Concert Band does well at Leeton Eisteddfod.

The RCB competed over the weekend at the Leeton Eisteddfod in 5 of the 7 sections for bands. The RCB was awarded first place in all but one of these and came 2nd in that one, which was the Championship section. Junee Town Band took out the Championship for the 2nd year running!

The RCM and the Riverina Concert Band congratulate the other competing bands and look forward to competing again next year.



Peter Sculthorpe

Dear RCM Community

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge our patron Peter Sculthorpe who passed away quietly yesterday in Sydney aged 85 years. Peter was a truly great man and towering international composer, who in the last years of his life was a great friend to our conservatorium. Peter contributed much to our work here at the RCM, including a major work for piano written for Wagga Wagga. We will miss our wonderful patron! Rest in Peace Peter Sculthorpe. 

Dr Andrew Wallace - RCM Chair